Featured in the photo is Band-leader ( and my all time best mate ) Pat, test-driving a guitar.

It looks as if he is fine-tuning the “axe” assuring that perfect pitch which the Shudbe Bandsters demand…..

….bear in mind we insist that our “Backline ” and equipment it maintained in tip-top condition right down to the strings, which we will change every year, whether they need it or not”!

This is Ron, Ronnie, The Ronster, Kidder, Rocket Ron, Yeah you, yeah you fat bastad Birks.


I have been playing pretty well the same set for 60 years…. Still don’t know the words. Been in bands all along, too many to mention, but my faves were Ronnie and the Rent Boys, a Lechlade based Power trio, ( I was Ronnie BTW ) …. Here in France The Crackheads ( we were good ) and of course what started it all off…

The Flying Art School Brothers. Go Worthing!



The Bass, anyone will tell you is the very anchor of any ensemble, where perfect timing is crucial.

Ken actually does bring quite a lot to the group.

He has a guitar

wineHe is Tall


Niel Bishop,

Neil has more drums than you can throw a stick at.